The I.D. Dept prides itself on its ability to create and deliver a full range of exceptionally tailored interior design consultancy and detail-planning services to ensure that even the subtlest details of finer living are well-encapsulated in each of its exquisitiely-fashioned projects. We streamline the process into 5 key phases, to ensure smooth and timely delivery of your project from conceptualization to construction and fit-outs.

Phase 1: Project Briefing
We will meet with you for a detailed client-briefing to identify your requirements, establish design criteria, draw up the design program and intended timeline of progress.

Phase 2: Schematic Design
Following the project brief, we will then prepare the schematic floor plans and 'Mood' boards (to help with the visualization of the design) illustrating the proposed interior ambience for approval. 

Phase 3: Design Development
Upon approval of the schematic design and layout plans, elevations will be prepared to convey the design concepts.
In addition, materials boards and color scheme will be presented to further exemplify the character of the project. 

Phase 4: Drawings and Material Specifications
This phase encompasses the preparation of fixtures, furnishing & equipment, fixed decoration design and design drawings and specifications. Floor and ceiling plans, elevations are produced in hard-line or sketch form as well as hard line and / or free hand sketches. All necessary working drawings for furniture and furnishing will be provided by the selected supplier / manufacturer.

Phase 5: Execution of Works
Upon receipt of your written approval confirming acceptance of the design proposal, we shall, on your behalf, review the build quotation and assist in procuring a quotation from a contractor shortlisted by either yourself/recommended by us. We will then constantly monitor the quality of the work and progress throughout the entire process, so as to ensure that only the highest quality work is delivered in accordance with your brief. 

What We Do